Extreme Rays

Penetrating Visions in Science, Medicine and Art

Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Framework of Cultural Exchanges between Switzerland and Italy


Rome, 6 - 7 November 2019

Istituto Svizzero Roma (ISR), Villa Maraini,

Via Ludovisi, 48, I-00187 Roma, Italy


Objective & Scope

William Conrad Röntgen is the "father" of X-rays, a very intriguing form of radiation for its properties and for its wide-range of applications. His life, and the impact of his discoveries, from science to art, medicine, safety and so on will be addressed in this two-day workshop.

The Instituto Svizzero di Roma (ISR) in VIlla Maraini and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials & Technology (Empa) in Dübendorf are organizing a workshop on 6 and 7 November 2019 in Rome, Italy. The event aims to the intercultural exchange between sciences and technologies and humanities, and in particular strengthening the cooperation between Switzerland and Italy, but not only.


 Abstracts of Lectures and short Bio of Speakers as PDF


Wednesday 6 November 2019  

Welcome and introduction to the ISR (D. Bleiner / A. Brändli)


X-ray History I (U. Busch) Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen - The discovery of X-rays


X-ray Beamline  (M. Ferrario) The bright future of compact X-ray Free-Electron Lasers


Short Break


X-ray for Life Sciences (A. Cedola) X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography reveals early vascular alterations and neuronal loss in neurological disorders


X-rays for Archaeology (C. Massenzi) X-rays in Archaeology: The Advantages of an Interdisciplinary Approach Through a Practical Application.


X-ray in Public Security (S. Merks) Single-View, Multi-View and 3D Imaging for Baggage Screening: what should be considered for effective training?


Poster Session


End of Day I

Thursday 7 November 2019  

X-ray History II (U. Busch) The search for the nature of X-rays


X-ray in Medicine  (M. Stampanoni) From synchrotron applications to early breast cancer detection in hospitals: the amazing power of coherent X-ray imaging


Short Break


X-ray in Materials Science  (D. Bleiner) Elemental Analysis with X-rays


X-ray in Cultural Heritage  (V. Hubert) X-rays – versatile applications in cultural heritage and conservation science


X-rays in Airport Security (A. Schwaninger) Airport security X-ray screening: From X-rays to socio-technical systems


Final Discussion (All Speakers)


End of Event

Participation is open to students and scientists from every country. Registration is required (Open as of 1. July 2019). No fee is charged. Applications with poster are given priority, otherwise depending on limited space, based on first come first serve. For questions please contact: davide.bleiner @ empa.ch
Accomodation & Travel
The participants are responsible for their own travel and accomodation arrangements. A few tips can be obtained at the Italian Tourism