Welcome to ICXRL 2020

The X-Ray Laser Conference: From Tabletop to Beamlines
The ICXRL was estabilishted to promote advanced extreme UV and X-ray sources, and their application in physics, chemistry, and materials. Joining ICXRL means full-board experiencing the latest trends, and shaping the future progress. Visionary Words from the Field Pioneers...
Anything will lase if you hit it hard enough.
Arthur L. Schawlow, Laser Co-Inventor
When God said “Let there be light” he surely must have meant perfectly coherent light.
Charles Townes, Laser Co-Inventor
  There is much to do, and I am busy, very busy...
Wilhelm C. Röntgen, Discoverer of the X-rays

The Premier Convention for the Growing X-ray Laser Community.


Come to Rome, Present, and Learn about the Latest Achievements on...


Session 1 - Fundamentals, Codes & Quantum

  • Fundamental Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Femto- and Atto-Science
  • Simulations & Codes

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Session 2 - Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers

  • Nd:glass, Ti:Sapphire, Fiber Systems: Design & Performance
  • DPSSL, OPCPA, CPA, Pulse Shaping & Novel Technologies
  • Warm Dense Matter, Laser Acceleration, and Extreme Conditions

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Session 3 - XUV Optics & Imaging

  •  X-ray Optics, Multilayers, Zone Plates, High-Damage Optics
  • X-ray Detectors & CCD
  • Bio- & Water-Window Imaging

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Session 4 - Tunable & Time-Resolved   

  • High-Order Harmonics Generation
  • Ultrafast Pulses for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Parametric Amplification & Non-Linear Optics

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Session 5 - Plasma Sources

  • Plasma-driven Sources: Incoherent vs. Coherent
  • Amplified Spontaneous Emission, Tin Technology, Debris MItigation
  • EUV Lithography at 13.5 nm and Beyond

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Session 6 - Facility Meets Tabletop

  • Relativistic & Gamma Sources
  • Accelerator Science & XFEL's Schemes
  • Down-sized Synchrotrons for Lab-scale Experiments

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Session 7 - Spectrochemistry

  • Atomic & Molecular Chemistry
  • Magneto-Optics, Operando & Photo-Chemistry
  • XUV Methods for Spectroscopy

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More in the Final Program.


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    closes June 6, 2020
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    • Premium fee: Pay by  August 6
    • Late fee: Overdue or No Paper

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  • Participants book themselves the own accomodation. Do not trust frauds proposing arranging your ICXRL accomodation: There is no such service.
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  • Remember the Past ICXRL Events
  • 1.1.2019, Zurich:
    First Announcement:
    ICXRL 2020 in Rome, 6-10 Sept. 2020
  • 9.10.2018, Prague:
    Board Decision:
    ICXRL 2020 is a Swiss-Italian Event

Session Chairs

  • Davide Bleiner,  Empa
  • Andreas Borgschulte, Empa
  • Hans Hertz, KTH
  • Tetsuya Kawachi, KPSI
  • Annie Klisnick, U. Paris Sud
  • Jaroslav Nejdl, ELI
  • Joseph Nilsen, LLNL
  • Stéphane Sebban, ENSTA Paris


Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  • Sasa Bajit, DESY
  • Adrian Cavalieri, U. Bern & PSI
  • Henry Chapman, DESY
  • Paul Corkum, U. Ottawa
  • Olga Kocharovskaya, TAMU
  • Thomas Lippert, PSI
  • Carmen Menoni, CSU
  • Elke Ploenjes-Palm, DESY
  • Jeroen van Tilborg, LBNL
  • Hans-Jakob Wörner, ETHZ